To ensure a safe visit to the ice museum, we use the following measures:


If you want to visit the ice museum during corona, you must strictly adhere to the corona rules below.

1. You cannot visit the ice museum with cold complaints, such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat or if you have a fever.

2. You must disinfect your hands on arrival.

3. You are obliged to always give other visitors space and to keep at least 1,5 meters away from others.

4. You and your family should stay close together. Children are not allowed to “run loose” in the ice museum.

5. You must follow the route in the walking direction (one-way). You are not allowed to walk (back) in the opposite direction.

6. Instructions or requests from employees should be followed immediately without any form of discussion.

7. When you visit the ice museum you agree to our corona measures. If you do not follow the rules, you must leave the ice museum immediately without warning. The safety of other visitors and our employees always comes first.