Product presentations

Ice creates a great attraction for the public. No one walks by without looking at it or without quickly and secretly touching it. Especially for product presentations, freezing your product in a crystal-clear ice cube is a great idea.

There are, for example, many products that are very suitable for ice in terms of their name or appearance. Drinks, for example, must be served ice cold half the time, and an ice sculpture functions perfectly for cooling them. No one will expect this kind of cooling. “Freezing” texts and logos is cost-effective, especially when larger numbers are involved. As shown in our portfolio, the end result is impressive. It is possible to combine frozen logos with different Icecarving products. Think of an ice bar, ice wall, spiral block, hollow block, clear coin block, buffet decoration, etc. Logos can be frozen, processed and presented in various ways.

It is usually cheaper not to actually freeze objects, but to place them in an ice cube cavity. This is an attractive option for smaller events or product presentations. We will be happy to advise you on how to go about this and will tailor the size of the hollow ice block to the product and any further requirements. It is almost impossible to communicate a fixed price for freezing products in ice cream, because they can be so different in nature. One product sinks, another floats and some must not get wet. The prices are therefore always on request and completely customised.


The hollow ice blocks for "freezing" people are a fun gimmick at any party. In combination with a logo, this provides extra exposure on, for example, social media.

Attention: Transport by lorry and installation at ground level