Long, long ago, Peter Meurders sailed on the Holland America Line and saw ice sculptures for the first time. After a career as a baker and cook in the army, he took the plunge in 1992 and started his own business. Icecarving.nl was born. Over the years, the company has grown into a prestigious organization in the Benelux.

After working for Peter for many years, Sander Hurkens was able to learn all the tricks of the trade and take over the baton together with his partner Pim Geradts. Sander and Pim have been at the helm for quite some time now, and they enjoy working on the most beautiful ice sculptures. In the busy winter months, a team of skilled self-employed workers helps them out in the production process of the various ice sculptures.


We love our planet, beautiful appearances and special experiences.
Let all this come together in Icecarving.nl. With natural materials and frozen water, wonderful creations are created that are still being talked about for a long time. Ice stimulates curiosity, leaving a very big impact. Ideal when a product needs to be promoted, but also for dressing up a buffet.

We do all this while trying to keep our impact on nature as low as possible. We do this by recycling our packaging, carefully selecting our suppliers and using wind and solar energy, among other things. Remnants of ice are reused and melted sculptures return to the groundwater in most cases.

Sander Hurkens

My aim in everything I do is freedom. Whether on a mountain bike in the countryside or at work in the studio. In sculpting, I find that freedom in creating, in making something that was not there before.

Does this always happen by itself?

Certainly not, but every obstacle overcome has brought me further. Most of the happiness is in the process, but being able to share the final result with others is the best part. For me, ice is by far the most fascinating material to work with. The temporary fixation of a form in water, being able to build with it and then letting it flow back into nature is just so special.

Pim Geradts

During my time in the catering industry, I came into contact with ice, in this case ice cubes. In search of more freedom and the possibility of developing my own ideas, I started an ice cube factory and delivery service. I soon met Sander and was amazed by the most beautiful ice sculptures in crystal clear ice. When the opportunity arose to take over the company together with Sander, we grabbed it with both hands. Working with ice sculptures brings out my creative side as well as my business side. It feels good to create ice sculptures and to fascinate people with them.

Pim and Sander